Alyssa Johnson


Alyssa Johnson is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations reach their highest potential. She encourages her clients to address the hard but often-avoided issues that get in the way of success. She is able to honor individuals’ discomfort in working through conflict by creating safe spaces. She has spent the 20 years of her professional career assisting thousands of people transitioning through change. She shifts focus easily between strategy and detailed execution.

Key Skills

  • Helping leaders recognize and accept their full potential
  • Motivating people to transition smoothly through disruptive change
  • Building simple and effective action plans to address complex problems
  • Creating environments where trust can develop & thrive

Project Highlights

Alyssa has coached a variety of executives from many industries. The coaching focused on leadership development, leading to higher performing teams, greater buy-in to change initiatives, and the creation of more efficient business processes.

An organization serving youth, required a complete overhaul of the types of services offered. Alyssa collaborated with the organization’s leaders to design the new service stream. She then assisted in training the staff to ensure their proficiency in the new skills required for their revised roles. The organization expected 50% turnover of staff due to the drastic changes in job roles. Due to careful planning, training, and roll out, turnover remained at its historical rate, without any spikes. Job satisfaction by staff actually improved by 28%.

A property management company transitioning toward a new system of compensation was suffering from high employee turnover. Alyssa helped the owner stabilize attrition by effectively addressing the sales team members’ concerns and fears.


  • BA in Psychology, Purdue University
  • Master’s of Social Work, Indiana University
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker – State of Indiana

Personal History

Alyssa served as a member of a 5-person clinical team for 3 years before leading a 10-person team. For the past 15 years, she has run her own business. Alyssa has been married to the love of her life for 20 years. She has 2 great kids, who keep her busy, and she is actively involved in children’s ministries at her church.