Christin Nevins


Christin Nevins is passionate about taking individuals and organizations from dysfunction to function– and from function to excellence. She draws from a range of tools and experiences to bring out the best in leaders and teams. Christin has been leading teams and facilitating groups since 1999. Based on her background in strategic planning consulting and non-profit organizations, she believes change happens best when it begins with internal transformations and ripples out to behaviors, relationships, and choices. Christin gets excited about the "a-ha" moments when clients see how they can take big ideas and apply them practically to their lives.

Key Skills

  • Strategic planning and influence
  • Clarifying and cutting to the chase
  • Facilitating values-based decision processes
  • Seeing and bringing out the best in people
  • Getting people unstuck, gently

Project Highlights

Christin launched a regional Adoption and Foster Care Conference. She developed and implemented the strategy, funding, marketing, logistics, and PR (appearing in a local news TV spot) for the conference. She built a team out of diverse and strong-willed individuals, bringing value-focused clarity to decisions and helping team members resolve conflict. Over 200 people participated, including regional and national speakers and authors. More than a dozen exhibitors participated, all of whom said they would return and pay to exhibit in future years.

A non-profit needed a promotional video campaign to publicize recent successes and drive higher volunteer engagement. Christin designed the vision, script, and production notes for 2 videos. She collaborated with the video producer to improve the content, clarity, length, and impact of the production. As a result of the video campaign, over 100 people volunteered to participate in the targeted programs.

Christin recruited and trained a team of 12 teachers and 12 assistants (a new role) to shepherd 30 preschool students in a Sunday school setting. She collaborated with a teaching team to create the curriculum and pilot a sensory-based approach to teaching lessons and character development. She fully staffed all roles and retained more than 70% of teachers for 2 years or more.

Teaching, small group breakouts, and personal reflection were the key components of an 8-week workshop on Women and the Bible which Christin designed and facilitated. 90% of those who started the voluntary workshop completed the program. Two years later, participants continue to share with Christin key insights they gained. Participants reported increased understanding or interest in the Bible and improvement in key relationships with significant women in their lives. Many proactively sought out mentors as a result of the class.

Personal History

Christin has a B.A. in Organizational Communication from Indiana University. She has run multiple half-marathons, is a big fan of PBS, and she loves to cook and travel. Christin and her husband, Adam, have been on a lot of adventures together. Their greatest adventure is raising their three children-- Carolyn, Emily, and David.