Without buy-in from the people involved, an
organization's mission-critical change initiatives
can exhibit some costly symptoms:


  • Project Delays

    • Large tech implementations can burn over $100k per day.
    • Lingering projects prevent you from working on other priorities.
  • Too Much Drama

    • Retention, satisfaction, and quality suffer.
    • It can cost tens of thousands to replace one employee.
    • Customers feel the drama, and they'll find ways to avoid it (and you).
  • Weak Results

    • Missing 10% of planned scope on a $1m initiative with a 200% ROI results in $200k of lost income.
    • Project momentum fades as ROI projections shrink.
  • Abject Failure

    • 31% of all IT projects are cancelled before go-live, thus delivering negative value.
    • High visibility projects can make (and break) careers.

Leaders working through these types of changes request our help:

  • Building High-Trust, High-Performance Teams
  • Merger or Acquisition
  • Deploying New Technology or Software
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Evolving Organizational Culture
  • Adapting to Shifting Market Demand
  • Reorganization or Downsizing