Custom Change Management Solutions.

We craft Custom Change Management Solutions. These are the tools we use most frequently:

Strategic Change Consulting

We work with clients to develop change management strategies that maximize stakeholder engagement and buy-in. We help clients develop a change management plan, pick a good mix of tools for their unique challenges, and implement the strategy. We are comfortable working on highly technical projects, such as new software implementations.

Executive Coaching

Our coaching services help individuals and teams develop their transformational leadership skills during times of change. The full attention and emotional support of a skilled coach helps leaders break through to the next level of performance. We often use the Birkman® personality profile, a uniquely powerful tool for understanding human relational dynamics and deepening the coach-client relationship.

Leadership Training

We equip leaders and their teams with change management skills. 30% of “training failures” (failure to transfer learning from the classroom to the workplace) occur due of inadequate preparation before the training event, 60% occur because of poor reinforcement after the training event, and only 10% are due to the training event itself. We manage the entire learning process to create motivated participants and ensure sustainable transfer of learning to drive lasting business results.

Change Communications

“Corporate communications” conjures up images of professional-looking brochures, crisp websites, and well-rehearsed speeches from top executives. But teams in the midst of difficult transitions require open, authentic dialogue from their leaders. We provide communications strategies, communication materials, and communication skills training that increase stakeholder buy-in and commitment.