Quick ROI Solutions.

Here are some Quick ROI Solutions that will please even the most discriminating CFO:

In the midst of a switch to a new IT system?Consider an IT Project Check-Up

Many organizations invest substantial resources in implementing new information technology systems. New technology often offers compelling benefits, but capturing the full promised value of changes to IT systems has proven elusive for many organizations. Why? Because implementing the technology is a lot easier than soliciting the most beneficial attitudes and behaviors from users.

We’ll assess your organization’s change readiness, quickly identify organizational strengths and opportunities, and recommend how you can protect your substantial investment in your new IT system to capture maximum value during the change.

The fee for an IT Project Check-Up is $10,000.

Need to get everyone singing from the same hymnal?Try Unified Front Messaging

We build a small set of sticky, important messages that communicate the big picture of a change initiative. Then we train your frontline leaders to communicate with one authentic and credible voice. This reduces confusion & resistance and increase buy-in & commitment.

Our team is already in place. It is less expensive (and less risky) to hire us than to do it on your own. For most of the leaders who participate in our process, we only need 90 minutes of their time. Our process gets results in 60 days:

  • Aligned, engaged, and bought-in leaders (helping projects finish on time, under budget, with full scope)
  • Satisfied and engaged staff (affecting recruitment, retention, and quality)

The fee for Unified Front Messaging is $10,000.

Need to start thinking differently about change?Invest in our Brown Bag Workshops

We provide an exceptional facilitator to present one or more interactive workshops to help your team navigate through your change. Participants receive practical tools and advice through engaging lunchtime workshops, with minimal disruption to their workday. This is an inexpensive but powerful way to invest in your team to reduce the drama associated with organizational change.

Workshop topics include:

  • Normal Reactions to Change
  • Surfacing Emotions During Change
  • The Accountability Ladder
  • Coping with Change
  • Building Change Resiliency
  • Helping Others Through Change
  • Keeping Teams Together During Change

Fees are $1,000 per workshop.

Need a leadership breakthrough?Get some Quick-Hit Coaching

Every leader can benefit from an emotionally safe sounding board, a jolt of accountability, candid feedback from a trusted advisor, or fresh and creative ideas. But many leaders are reluctant to enter into a long-term executive coaching relationship for various reasons, including cost. In addition to longer-term coaching relationships, we provide short-term, focused coaching.

With fees as low as $500, effective help can be affordable. That investment buys a Birkman® Assessment and 2-hour coaching session.