Extended Testimonial

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical when I was asked to participate in “yet another project” for change management. Our company had been through change before. In fact, it was the one thing that remained constant! However, I attended the initial kick-off session and was intrigued by the lively discussion and ideas that Chip and his team facilitated. The ideas of creating “key messages” and teaching key individuals how to “lead through change” was new to me. Previously, our communication around change consisted of what we were going to change and when we were going to change it. We didn’t spend much time thinking of questions and resistance those in “the ranks” would have. Taking time to consider these allowed us to formulate crucial and fundamental messaging to avert staff anxiety from the beginning. As we moved through our next big change, the transition was smoother and the staff much more positive! I took advantage of Chip’s coaching services and was impressed with his ability to assist me in self-assessment and self-awareness. He offered wonderful insight and advice on my leadership style and skill. I grew as a leader.

Karen Brenner, RN, OCN Clinical Operations Manager Indiana University Hospital