Extended Testimonial

As a physician owned and operated practice, our focus has always been on providing high quality care to our patients. We recognize our inexperience and lack of understanding of many operational aspects of our business. When it came time to consider strategic growth and expansion of our business, we needed assistance. We turned to Chip Neidigh, as a consultant, to help us navigate through this process of growth and contract acquisition.

Chip brought a level of business expertise not present in our boardroom. As an independent third party, his insight allowed for more objective discussions with the board. Chip helped us step back from the project and gain a clearer understanding of our goals, expectations and timeline. One of the biggest assets Chip brings is his keen insight and ability to comprehend the thought processes of those around him. We, as a board, were then better able to discern what our objectives were in this project. Our efforts were more focused and expectations more realistic. Chip also kept the project moving forward with clear timelines for completion of work. He is a pleasure to work with and someone I consider a friend. We will not hesitate to utilize Chip again for future projects.

Andy Mulvey, MD, FACEP CEO Lafayette Emergency Care, PC