Extended Testimonial

I have participated in several different leadership development programs over the course of my career. But being coached by Chip was a very different experience-- it was a very active learning process. When I was coached by Chip I was able to develop my own plans of action as he presented insightful questions for me to consider and explore. We worked on clarifying how I was going to approach work team development. He leveraged my strengths and helped me see where I needed to further develop my plan and talents. One tool we used was the Birkman Assessment. This tool identified how I approach my work and suggested activities that would help me be able to perform at my best. It also identified how I could organize my work to complement my “work style”. This was very positive approach to leadership development. This information helped me to lead work groups more effectively. It made me aware of how my thought patterns could influence how I lead my team. This helped to bridge the “gap” that can naturally occur when a group of people get together with different work styles and patterns.

For individuals who want to deepen their learning about themselves, or who need to be asked good questions to keep their thinking moving forward, I recommend Chip.

Maureen Hancock, RN Director of the Pediatric ICU Care Center Riley Hospital for Children