Extended Testimonial

Having been a part of at least three different personality assessments, I was somewhat dubious when Chip Neidigh approached me concerning the Birkman method. I could typically find some pearls of wisdom from each of the previous exercises, but nothing that caused me to illicit real change in my life or habits. The Birkman method involved a very simple, low-commitment questionnaire. I was astounded at both the amount of information gleaned, and the accuracy of that information. The graphic report was filled with a wealth of insight, so much so that I was confused until Chip explained it to me. Once my coaching sessions with Chip began, I saw a very dynamic difference between this assessment and others I had used. Rather than taking a snapshot of the personality, Birkman exposes and explains various elements of the subject and then explains how these different elements interact with each other. The coaching sessions took me from a level of curious interest in the test itself to one of much deeper personal revelation. I attribute several very positive changes in my career and in my personal life to the insight I’ve gained from the Birkman method, but even more so from my coaching sessions with Chip.

Murph Krajewski Technical Sales Consultant Interactive Intelligence